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Made from pure sheet materials
Welded or soldered corners
Finished with wired edges and studded seams
Internal support bars to prevent twisting
Supplied with rigid angle iron frames for fixing to the chimney or register plate

Canopies are manufactured from Mild Steel -Black painted or Pewter finish. Stainless Steel.-Polished or Satin finish. Copper and Brass.-Polished plain or hammered. Combination of coloured steel and stainless are often used in modern settings.

Are over 1metre wide and 1 metre high in their original form with wide tall internal chimneys.


Open on two sides


Open on all four sides

  Are added to Solid Fuel Canopies to prevent heat loss from the room when the fire is not in use. Valves cannot be used in canopies fitted over gas fires.  


Decorative Brass, Steel and Chrome Plated studs are available for the front flat section of your canopy.


We also have a wide range of fire backs, dogs and grates to complement your fire place setting.

Canopy fitted
to concrete lintel

Canopy connected
directly to flue pipe
Special made to measure flue connections

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